Types and Application of Fibreglass Door

A fibreglass door is energy efficient and design excellent, insulating a space while giving an elegant and sleek appearance from anyone’s viewpoint.

It is the most recent addition to the market and is considered a great choice for mimicking the appearance of real wood and other door materials due to its flexibility and versatility to being converted or transformed into any door designs of a customer’s choosing. It’s excellent and well sought after its soundproofing, insulation, waterproofing and strength features.

Wooden Frame Fbreglass Door


Advantages of Fibre Glass Door

  • Can be painted or stained to achieve a wood or metal effect for architectural design, coming up with an alternative for authentic wood grain or metal finish
  • Works as a garage door, a French door or an entry door, among other applications
  • Low-maintenance and is resistant to warp, peel or scratch. It’s tougher than traditional doors even under harsh conditions and resist moisture buildup as compared to wood counterparts
  • We offer CFC-free fiberglass doors, ensuring excellence without harming the environment
  • Tougher than most door materials and is available in designs, sizes and styles.
  • Filled with insulating foam, making it a better insulator than real wood

We’re your one-stop solutions provider for most designs, sizes and styles of fiberglass doors. We can work in customizing a specific door to meet your project styling requirements. For any concerns and inquiries, get in touch with us.