Ideal for patio and deck, sliding doors create a feeling of inter-connectedness and openness of a space. Let the sunshine in and the stormy weather out! A sliding door gives you the opportunity to keep up with any weather conditions in your locality. A good type of it is the pocket door that can be fully hidden out of your sight when needed. Talk to us about your preference in design and style for any sliding doors.

We offer a complete range of sliding door, a door mounted and suspended from a track or drawn across an aperture. It slides horizontally along a track with roller wheels; works in bringing natural light; and provides access to a deck, a backyard or a porch. Commonly made of glass, a sliding door works half fixed while another half sliding over a portion.

Types of a Sliding Door

  • Pockets door slides and disappears into a compartment or an adjacent wall.
  • Arcadia, also known as a patio door when it leads to the backyard, is rectangular and made of glass. It is mounted on wheel rollers parallel to a fixed panel of the same shape.
  • A bypass door is for pantries and slides past each other when opened but stands adjacent to one another when closed.
  • A louvered or shuttered door is for storage areas and appears as a real shutter with two doors sliding inward from the middle.
  • A mirrored door is classified either as a bypass or as a pocket door. It is mounted in bedroom closets for an illusion of height and space.
  • Shoji screens are of Japanese influence and are made of translucent paper and wood. Homes with an Asian concept install Shoji screens to access a backyard or a garden.
  • French door is modified to slide but not to move forward, and it comes in sliding variations.

Features of a Sliding Door

  • A sliding door is used in bathrooms, offices, utility rooms and closets where space is limited and not suitable for a traditional single paneled door.
  • It enhances the aesthetic and architectural beauty of an indoor space, especially in apartments, condominiums or flats.
  • This door works as a barrier or a division of one’s interior and exterior space. It opens an indoor space to the lovely outside views, such as nature, wildlife or landscape.
  • Screened sliding doors keep out annoying insects while letting fresh air and light in.
  • It insulates a home in the summer or in the winter, when the weather is extreme.
  • It provides an elegant yet a harmonious design, working with any concept.
  • If fitted with aluminum seals and gaskets, it offers optimum security against burglars and thefts.

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