Types & Application

As the name implies, a fire door comes to the rescue when a warehouse, home or clinic catches fire. It is resistant to it and can delay its spread in your property and it protects any home from fire. It also allows for safe egress from a ship, structure, or building.


  • Fire-rated overhead door that works both for external and internal use
  • Fire-rated roller screen doors can work ideally in a place where maximum weight requirement applies and where there is only a limited space left for installation
  • Fire grade sliding door can close automatically and can become an economical choice for many; it is a great alternative where larger passages may require separation using a fireproof barrier.
  • Fire-rated roller shutter works best for external or internal application and in places where there are large openings
  • Fire escape door can be installed in fire resistant walls to allow pedestrian passing; it can be customized as a single or double escape doors


  1. It can be made with your choice of obstacle detection device (including photocell or pneumatic), color, stainless steel, special explosive storage solutions, temperature smoke detectors or standalone systems and audio and optic signals.
  2. It can be made with custom materials such as gypsum, glass section, timber and steel. Some may also come with Vermiculite-boards and aluminum, among others.
  3. A security door may come with ball-bearing hinges, automatic opening and closing devices, gas seals and smoke seals, to name some.
  4. It can protect your property against fire due to its bulkiness and tough materials. However, you should know that it does not stop fire from spreading but just delay it to help people trapped in a place to escape.
  5. It works ideally for sound reduction to its thick made. You can install it in a factory, where the ambient noise can disturb nearby properties and tenants.
  6. It can have various fire ratings that can delay fire up to 45 minutes depending on the door’s material and thickness.
Fire Rated Door
Fire Rated Back Door

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