Types and Application of Pantry Door

We construct, install and supply any types of pantry door, available in different colours, sizes, shapes, designs and materials. Our pantry door is specifically designed and constructed to fit any pantry or storage space in your home or office kitchen.

Pantry Door

Types of Pantry Door


  • Wall pantry
  • Metal pantry
  • Sliding pantry
  • Other custom applications

Features of a Pantry Door

Installing a pantry door makes your kitchen attractive and maximizes space.

It provides excellent simplicity and organization of food items in the kitchen, utilizing space wisely and allowing convenience for everyone.

It offers accessibility and visibility, making it a great addition to the pantry.
It comes in various materials such as glass, wood, PVC and other custom materials available upon your request.

It can be made with stained or tampered glass, working best modern homes. You may also go for an etched or frosted glass design. On the other hand, you can also choose a French door design if your space is decorated using French materials.

It can be customized with a specific doorknob design and material, depending on your chosen pantry door.

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