Door Expert Malaysia is here to manufacture, supply and install all types of wooden door made of natural materials to fits any architectural design. Wooden doors are top construction choice due to ease in cutting and shaping and installing.

We customize wood doors based from your preference in style and guide based from your security, insulation and soundproofing requirements. Choose from a wide range of solid wood materials, including oak and mahogany, among others.



Advantages of Wooden Door

1. A wooden door comes with beautiful finishing, including lacquer and varnish, resulting to a beautiful wood grain look.
2. It appears high-end because it is exquisitely done by our expert artisanship.
3. It can be maintained or repaired easily from scratches, peels and warps, and it does not rust unlike its metal counterparts. Problems on the door joints can be addressed by fixing the wooden joint beading. It does not require expensive maintenance, too.
4. It appears warm to the touch because it adheres to temperatures due to its high R-values. It’s a poor heat conductor of electricity and heat, so it is less prone to condensation. It resists air and wind than metal doors because they possess minimum frame and shutter joint.
5. It improves the aesthetic appeal of an architectural design due to its attractive wooden frame.
6. If high quality wood is used, long-life span can be expected from a wooden door.

Bedroom Wooden Door
Double Leaf Folding Wooden Door
Front Wooden Door

Our company is an established neighborhood showroom where you can select from a wide range of wood doors available in colors, designs and materials. Our excellent artisans can also work on a custom wood door of your choice.