We offer a wide range of front doors, the main entrance into one’s home withstanding outdoor elements. More often than not, it faces the street, where your home is situated and it gives access to the road.

One complements and adds to the overall value of one’s commercial or residential property. A front door gives your visitor’s “a first impression,” so the main door is overall a transitional component of any façade making a statement about your personality; therefore, choosing a specific type is crucial to achieve the superb impact you’re looking for!

Exterior Wooden Front Door

Types of Front Door

Style comes at a wide array of option to match your current home concept; in fact, you can choose from hand-carved, engraved timber doors or basic steel doors. Alternatively, you can choose a glass-made or swinging front door.

There are just too many to transform your home into a masterpiece. Complete it with an entrance door that matches! Get in touch with us.

Nothing beats a front door in terms of privacy and security. That is why it is essential to select the right materials for it. Imagine your home open to the world and to the people in the neighborhood.

Would that make you feel safe? Could you sleep tight at night? Of course, you wouldn’t and couldn’t.

Exterior doors can be made from steel, wood, fiberglass or composite wood—just like what we offer here. Let us help you pick the right one.

a. Fibreglass features a sleek and genuine wood feel, a great and unique characteristic of fiberglass. It is great for all climate and weather conditions and requires little to no maintenance at all—one is built to last a lifetime. Do you have an idea in mind? Feel free to tell us and we will create a custom fibreglass front door for you!

b. Wood offers you a wide range of choices from pine, alder, oak and fir, but you should take note that each one has a specific grain, sap content and colour. If you’re feeling a little bit confused, give us a call for guidance to make the right decision.

c. Steel is one of the toughest choices you have! It offers rigor and strength to last a lifetime and a great one for all climate types. We treat steel front doors before delivery for a rust-free and corrode-free exterior door for many years.

d. Engineered composite doors are some of our specialties. We use only the current practices and trends in making engineered doors for water resistance, durability, strength and aesthetic appeal. Let us talk about a custom composite door to match your current concept.

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Wooden Front Door
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French Front Door

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