Types & Application fo Bifold Door

A bi-fold door is a subtype of a folding door chosen for its space-saving footprint for properties where space is a premium. Commercial and residential property owners demand for it because it brings out the beautiful design and minimalist appeal of their place without compromising quality.

Folding doors present a myriad of choices, such as deck door, french door, bifold and accordion doors. One is usually made of wood, glass, fibreglass, PVC and aluminum (materials) and can be installed in a patio, living room, kitchen or pantry and bedroom or in another area where a property owner envisions saving space or improving design.


Space Saving

One of the best solutions ever for places with limited space, such as apartments, flats, bungalows and condominiums is a bi-fold door. It is far better than the traditional hinged door that takes up much space in a small place.


Nothing beats the flexibility in design choice for bi-fold doors, so one can turn his space into a great looking home or office by installing a new bi-fold door available at affordable prices and colors.

Match it with your home or office decoration, whether yours is a traditional or contemporary one. We understand that every owner has his preference and taste and know that some prefer an outrageous while others desire for subtle designs.

Our Quality

We’re experts in bi-fold doors with our years of experience in the manufacture and installation process. Our team takes care of all the details required in a bi-fold door and displays only the best designed doors in our showroom.

Wooden Bifold Door
Wooden Folding Door

Because we don’t only value aesthetics and design of ergo bi-fold doors, we also look into quality for ultimate customer satisfaction.