Custom-made Sound-proof Door

Do you want ambient noise kept out your space? Are you tired of your noisy neighbor’s band practice late at night? Do you want a new soundproof door installed in your recording studio, factory or building?

A soundproof door can be designed, manufactured and installed to cut out as much of the outside noise, but its ability to filter such relies on the door frame and materials used. If not properly made and installed, sound can leak around the door’s edges, but not with our customized soundproof door for your building or home.


  • Wood Door
  • Sliding Door
  • Bespoke / Custom Door

Features of a Soundproof Door

  • Such a door is useful in recording studios in keeping the sound from coming out. If you are a musician and you own a band, it helps install a soundproof door to prevent sound leakage, too, for home rehearsals.
  • Industries and factories can benefit from its ability to seal noisy rooms, including boiler rooms.
  • It can help keep out any unnecessary or unwanted neighbor noise out your space.
  • It can offer soundproofing up to 80 percent.
Wooden Sliding Door
Soundproof Door For Bedroom

For any other purposes, we can help. We are your one-stop showroom for all kinds of soundproofing doors with varied designs and styles to choose. Feel free to visit us and talk with one of our door professionals for a custom soundproof door. Talk to us. Contact us today!