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Glass doors are clean and minimalist in nature as it can radiate a property’s transparency and openness to the world while creating an illusion of space. Glass materials are fantastic for hotels, restaurants and business establishments that aim to create a feeling of warmth and welcoming experience to the customers visiting their establishments.

Our company is your one-stop shop offering a wide range of glass door with finishing suiting every need. A glass door is a popular choice due to its sturdy construction and design that provides a long-lasting entry to any indoor or outdoor space, whether for commercial or residential property. It applies to those who love fresh air and natural light as well as the lovely ambience in their patio or deck.

Sliding Glass Door

Types of Glass Door


  • Shower, toilet and bathroom
  • Rooms, including playrooms, amusement rooms, bedrooms and living rooms
  • Deck, patio or porch
  • Indoor or outdoor uses
Front Glass Door
Sliding Front Glass Door

Benefits of Glass Door

1. It allows fresh air and natural light into your homes, saving you on energy consumption and utility bills.
2. It makes a room larger and more inviting, especially to the people living in a very limited space.
3. It does not rust and corrode. A glass door also resists annoying insects.
4. It prevents swelling, as it resists moisture buildup.
5. It requires less maintenance because it needs only a damp piece of cloth to remove dust and debris. Since it prevents scuffing, it does not chip off, too.
6. It allows flow of the outdoor to the indoor space due to its functional design.
7. It makes your place cozier, making you and your family feels much more at home.
8. It keeps your space visible yet secured. With it, you can keep an eye to your children playing in the backyard while you’re reading a book or enjoying a warm cup of coffee inside your home.

For any kinds of glass door you need, we have it for you! We invite you to visit our showroom to get a sneak peak of our vast selection of glass door designs, sizes and finishes. Our expert door professionals are on standby for your concerns, questions and suggestions.

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