From time to time, you’ll hear crime stories taking place in the community, so you are looking to install a security door for your commercial or residential property. Let us help you design, manufacture and install that perfect door for it by talking with one of our door experts today.

We’ll help you avoid forced entry, theft and burglary by installing a new security door.

We create a sturdy door system to prevent forced entry, burglary and theft, preventing those with battering rams and guns from committing a crime in your premises. In short, security doors help you achieve peace of mind and better night sleep.

Types of Security Door

  • Security screen doors, sliding doors or hinged doors are usually made with a metal frame, grille and/or mesh installed outside a front door.
  • Metals used in security doors are aluminum for its lightweight and aesthetic beauty and steel for its heavy and sturdy characteristics.

Features of a Security Door

  • It can protect you and your family all the time from uninvited and unwanted visitors.
  • It can save some money on home insurance policy.
  • It can increase your home’s value, too.
  • It allows natural air and light inside your home, without leaving it opened for burglars, thieves and other criminals.

For ultimate business or home security, feel free to choose any security doors found in our showroom. If you do not find what you’re looking for, let us know and we will customize a security door for you.

Security Door

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