We are a one-stop showroom offering a wide range of toilet door available in a colors, designs and materials to choose. Our showroom features only proven and tested toilet doors to match your specific requirements.

Material Types

  • Solid wood door can work for traditional bathrooms with a larger space. We can help you with a specific wood finishing of your choice.
  • PVC doors are safe and tough toilet doors that add design elegance and style to any shower or bathroom. They keep up with most weather conditions, so you can look forward to a long-lasting investment. They stay clean and beautiful even under pressure from soap and water residues. They are available in wide range of colors and designs and are waterproof and easy to install, too.
  • Glass toilet doors give natural light to any toilet or bathroom. While known for their openness, they maintain privacy. We can customize and tamper or stain a glass door for you.

Based from Function

  • Sliding doors work best for limited spaces even when closed or opened and are extremely convenient and stylish, too.
  • Single doors are best for Indian bathrooms and similar designs.
  • Double doors work well for larger bathrooms and are usually installed in the center. They allow large doorways if you need more space to enter and go out the toilet room.

Features of a Toilet Door

  • Customizable. Our company can design and manufacture a specific toilet door your heart desires no matter what theme and material you need.
  • High quality. We offer excellent quality door materials for the toilet. Places such as shower rooms, bathrooms and toilet rooms are prone to wetness and moisture, but you can ensure of a long lasting investment by counting on us.
  • Variety of colors, designs and materials available. Door Expert Malaysia specializes in custom toilet doors.
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For excellent toilet doors, there is no other company to call but us. We are here to manufacture, supply and install any types of toilet door to work on your current home design and theme.