Custom-made Glass Sliding Doors

Glass sliding doors are a great option for people who are looking to let more natural light into their homes, and enjoy the best of both worlds when it comes to separate rooms and open plan living. Get noise and thermal insulation when you need it, and slide open the door for a bigger space as you wish.

Glass sliding doors can be a fun and stylish alternative to traditional hinged doors. Since they slide open and shut using a roller and track system with a spring, they can be whisper-quiet, and very easy to move. This is useful if you have people in your home who have mobility issues, or who struggle with upper body strength when it comes to opening hinged doors. These little accessibility details become important when you have older relatives in your home. The right set of doors can give you security and peace of mind, and allow people to retain their independence for longer.

These doors can also be useful for families with pets or young children. Why fiddle with door stoppers to protect your fingers, when you can simply use a sliding system to prevent little fingers (or tails) from getting caught.

Glass Sliding Door
Automatic Glass Sliding Door

A Full Door Solution

When you buy a door from us, you are not just purchasing the door. We supply all of the hardware (handles, tracks, etc) that you need to complete the look and to have a fully functional system. In addition to supplying all the hardware, we also offer a full installation service. When you order a door from us, or a set of doors, we do all the work for you when it comes to installation.

A Leading Supplier of Household Doors

We are a leading supplier of doors to the Malaysian marketplace. We have many years of experience when it comes to measuring, installing, and fitting doors. Our highly trained contractors offer professional service and will install the doors for you so that they look polished and professional and are safe and secure.

We choose only the highest quality doors from theb best manufacturers, and we have a range of bespoke offerings as well. If you order a custom-made door from us in an odd size then we will supply you with a door that is made from the best and most durable materials.

Contact us today to learn why so many Malaysian property owners choose us to supply their doors.