Why Choose an Aluminium Swinging Door

We are a leading manufacturer of aluminium swinging doors, bifold doors and other doors for both homes and offices. We are based in Malaysia and supply both the home and office markets.

We stock PVC and uPVC exterior doors, as well as glass and aluminium doors. Our aluminium swing doors are some of our most popular products in the interior design marketplace, and are popular for use to join kitchens and living rooms, and for bedrooms as well.

Aluminium is a hardwearing material and our doors are robust and durable, and will last you for many years. They can be recycled, and have a low carbon footprint over their lifetime. They are easy to clean, and are strong as insulators for both sound and heat too.

We have a number of different styles to choose from, and the doors can be customized with different hardwear and glazing too. Talk to us if you would like to know more about what we have to offer, so that you can make an informed decision about your interior design plans, then get in touch with us today to get a product list.

We have been serving the interior design and home building markets for many years, and are committed to bringing you the highest quality doors on the market. We work with people from all over Malaysia, and offer prompt shipping and generous warranties.

Aluminium doors are versatile and durable, and can suit almost any property. Our internal doors are affordable, stylish and highly customizeable, and would suit a rustic, homely interior or even something more modern and contemporary.

Call us today to discuss your interior design needs. We’re confident that you’ll soon see why so many Malaysian homeowners and tradespeople choose our range of aluminium internal swinging doors.

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