A UPVC door, a door made using unplasticized polyvinyl chloride, is a popular choice for its lovely and tough make.

UPVC doors are more durable than general PVC door because the latter is better chosen only for flexibility and softness while a UPVC is great opted for chemical, water oxidation and sunlight resistance.

Features of uPVC Door

  • A UPVC door is a great home addition due to its aesthetic characteristics, suiting any home concept and design.
  • UPVC can be used in various applications, including gutters, doors, pipes and windows. It functions stronger than traditional wood because of its core that can be manufactured with galvanized steel. It also stays longer in homes situated in damp climate zones, letting you keep it longer without excessive maintenance and repairs.
  • It’s widely available in various colors an can be made with a wooden finish, including a cherry wood, mahogany wood or oak wood grain look.
  • It’s rigid, surviving under any conditions due to its ability in keeping its original shape.
  • UPVC doors can provide ultimate home or office security than any other wood front doors due to their steel core.
  • One is also energy-efficient due to its insulating properties and qualities.
  • It also works to soundproof your home by keeping unwanted noise out!


The uPVC door can be applied in the following:

Kitchen Upvc Sliding Door
Bathroom Pvc Door
Toilet Upvc Door

For aesthetic and practical purposes, choose the right UPVC door for you!

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