Stunning Swinging Doors for Home and Offices

We are a leading supplier of swinging doors to the Malaysian marketplace. We offer a large collection of swinging doors including ones made from uPVC, aluminium, and a range of different woods. Our doors are stylish and robust, and come in a number of different sizes to suit almost any property.

We take pride in selecting doors from the highest quality suppliers, and we make sure that every door comes with a robust guarantee. This means that no matter what you choose, you can be confident that the door will do its job well, look stunning, and be perfect for your needs – whether that is an internal door that is light and easy to open but offers good sound buffering, or a robust and secure external swinging door with a good lock, and with good thermal insulation properties.

It is important to have a door handle that matches the rest of the doors in your home. Rather than supply handles that you are not get used to it, or locks that may either be overkill or simply not up to the task, we leave you free to choose the door handle that suit you best. We have a wide range of door handle for you to choose.

If you need some help or advice about picking the right size, style or material, just give us a call. If you’re not sure whether you want sliding, swinging or folding doors, our sales team will be happy to discuss the options with you. Get in touch today for a chance to explore our catalogue, and to learn first hand why so many home owners in Malaysia choose us as their door supplier for their renovation or new build project.

Double Panel French Style Swing Door
Swinging Wooden Door
Modern Design Swing Door