Types & Application of Aluminium Doors


An aluminium door can be setup as a main door or as a door for specific home or office areas, including the :

  • pantry & kitchen
  • storage room
  • basement & patio
  • others.


It can also come out in designs of your choosing, such as :


  • Three times stronger than PVC or vinyl and at least 40 times tougher than wood
  • Ideal for main doors, kitchen doors, patio doors and warehouse doors, among others
  • High in performance and strength, making one last for many years without much maintenance required
  • Resistant to rodents, vermin and termites
  • Tough against corrosion, weather and warping
  • Lightweight and easy to install
  • Non-combustible
  • Available in many finishes required by the customer
  • 100% recyclable and fully sustainable
Office Aluminium Door

Functional and resiliently built, an aluminium door from us is the #1 choice across the country because it withstands day-to-day loads and requirements in any home or commercial space.

We manufacture and sell aluminium doors with different finishing, such as powder coating or anodizing for enhanced aesthetics, durability and quality.

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