A solid wood is resilient against any weather and temperature change as well as against wear and tear because it does not contain any hollow part that might to invite or host damaging elements. Sturdier than ordinary lumber, hollow wood and engineered door, a solid wooden door withstands any pressure with its time-tested and age-proven structure.

Materials & Types

Material can be made of maple, oak or mahogany for durability and mechanism can be folding or sliding for saving space.


For commercial uses, a solid wood door can provide privacy and security, so clinics and offices, such as a legal firm, doctor’s clinic or government agency or department select a solid wood for a front door. One can also be installed in homes to provide the same level of security and protection.

Solid Wood Door
Front Wooden Door

Benefits of Solid Wooden Door

  • Security: A solid wood door is almost unbreakable because it does not have any hollow component, meaning burglars, thieves and lawless elements will find difficulty in trying to break into your home in the middle of the night.
  • Fire-retardant: Depending on the material and overall structure, a solid wood door can withstand fire within a period because its core isn’t empty.
  • Energy efficient: A solid wood door can keep your home cool or warm, depending on the temperature it absorbs because it has great insulation properties.
  • Sound proofing: It can also get rid of traveling sound or noise that may be an issue in your household or neighborhood.

If you’re looking to maximize your investment for a new or a replacement door, we can proudly recommend any of our solid doors in display, and we would be glad to tour you around our showroom for a wide range of type, design and style of solid woods, ranging from oak to maple, too.

Tested through time and strengthen by age, our solid wooden doors are your best choice for a door to last from one generation to another.

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