Wood is a flexible material used in the manufacturing of a folding or a sliding door, wherein the former works by folding the sections together to one side while the latter functions by drawing it across an aperture and not turning like how a conventional hinged door works.



  • Bi-fold
  • Three-fold
  • Four-fold
  • Multiple fold

Benefits of Folding Wooden Door


A folding door can help make the most of your space because it can be folded into two, three or four based from the type you have chosen. This type of door can open a space into half to save the need for an entire doorway space each time and can create a space illusion with its ideal function application.


One can be selected from a wide range of styles, including an accordion, bi-fold or swing door to suit your existing decoration. Folding wooden doors are available at different configurations, colours and designs. An example is the folding door that can have more panels to be stacked outside or inside the room, either to the left or to the right or one that can be stacked on both sides.


Folding wooden doors are sturdy and long lasting because they’re made in compliance with the most stringent industry practices and standards. Each door is manufactured under the highest quality standards. Rest assured that each one displayed on our showroom is 100% screened and tested to meet your requirements.


A folding wooden door creates an openness and connectedness while at the same time separating but bringing two spaces together, such as an entryway to a garden. It can bring in more light into your home and can open a larger doorway.

Double Leaf Folding Wooden Door
Double Leaf Folding Door
Bifold Wooden Door

Where space is a premium, a folding wooden door is the solution to connect the indoor and outdoor as compared to traditional hinged wooden doors. For scheduling an appointment to visit our showroom, WhatsApp us today.