Stunning Glass French Door

If you want to let lots of natural light into your home, and you’re looking for a way to divide rooms while still keeping a semblance of open plan living, then a glass French door could well be the answer.

As a leading supplier of internal and external doors for people in Malaysia, we have a large selection of glass French doors, as well as sliding, bifold and swing doors. We take pride in offering a broad selection of doors to suit any budget and any taste. Our glass doors are made from toughened safety glass, and we have solid pane options as well as windowed options. Our doors come in frosted and clear glass, and many designs have single pane, double glazed and occasionally triple glazed offerings.

We know how hard it can be to find the perfect door, but our team is always on hand to offer advice. With French doors, there are several different sizes to choose from to cater to different layouts and different sized openings. If you have an unusually sized opening then you may want to get an extra upper window or some sidelights to extend the door to fit the opening.

Our quality, attention to detail and selection are second to none, and we genuinely believe that you would struggle to find better doors from any other retailer in the country. Why not give us a call to test that claim? No order is too big or too small. We are happy to supply an individual house owner with a single set of doors, and we are happy to work with builders and renovators on a larger scale estate development project. Whatever you need, we are confident that if you work with us you will come to agree that we are the market leader in glass doors.

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