Grand Main Entrance Door

If you are trying to find the perfect new main entrance door for your home or office, we are here to help! As the leading supplier of uPVC, wood and aluminium doors, glazed doors and French doors to Malaysian contractor, homeowners and building managers, we have something to suit every taste and budget.

Our range includes folding, patio and sliding doors as well as single panel doors, and we have a selection that includes double glazed panels and solid panels, with frames in a range of materials. We know that security, thermal performance and noise insulation are all important, but that more than anything you want your main entrance doors to set the mood for the property.

We are happy to work with you when it comes to your interior design and we are always eager to help people to put together the perfect project. Our customer service team are happy to answer questions about sizing and installation – so if you need any advice before buying a door just give them a call or drop in to one of our showrooms.

We have standard sized doors on display and ready to ship from our warehouses, and our bespoke doors are usually available with relatively prompt lead times, depending on the size and shape of the door in question. Standard sized doors come with lippings which can be trimmed to make the door fit a slightly smaller opening if necessary and the size of the lipping is clearly stated on the description of the door.

We take pride in offering the best value and most appealing selection of doors, so just give us a call if you would like to learn more and see why we are considered to be the leading supplier of entrance doors in the area.

Glass Main Entrance Door
Main Entrance Sliding Door
Unique Main Entrance Door