The Wooden Door Factory: Where Classic Wooden Doors Come From

Wooden doors have been around for the longest time ever. Many home owners love wooden doors because they are so much more appealing and natural looking that other types of doors out there today. If you are in need of quality and affordable doors for your home or workplace, the wooden door factory is where you can get a wide range of options to choose from.

For many decades, wooden doors have been known for their classic and artistic look that depicts the high level of craftsmanship that has gone into their making. Skilled carpenters were they people tasked with the designing and crafting of these doors until recently when making of wooden door was taken over by machines. Wooden doors still look as beautiful as ever with technology enabling so many options when it comes to the manufacturing process.

Wooden doors come in all shapes and sizes but there are actually two major types of wooden doors which are hollow core and solid doors.

Hollow Core

Hollow core wooden doors are basically just hollow inside. They are made using two sheets of wood and a rectangular frame. These doors are mostly considered interior doors because they are not that secure. These doors are also light and easy to shut.

Solid Wood

Solid wooden doors are basically one hundred percent wood. They do not have any gaps inside and this makes them more secure but more expensive. They are mostly used as exterior doors but they can still be used as interior doors. Solid wood doors are great if you want to experiment with a wide range of design and decorative options.

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Our wooden door factory manufactures both types of wooden doors. We have a wide variety of designs and decoration options for our esteemed clients. Our workmanship is excellent and we always want our customers to go home happy.