Our Keyless Digital Door Locks

The technology behind mechanical locks is six thousand years old. The first locks were used by the ancient Egyptians, and it’s incredible to think that such things are still in use today. A part of the reason that mechanical locks are still popular is that they work very well. However, the key is a point of failure and an inconvenient one at that. Keys can be lost, stolen and copied. If there are multiple people who have access to a key, and one of those people ‘goes rogue’, then you will need to replace everyone’s key and that can be time consuming and expensive.

Modern Day Locks

Keyless Digital Door Lock

It’s about time that locking technology joined the 21st century, and that’s exactly what keyless digital door locks do. Put a digital lock on your front door and you can tell your teenage child the entry combination, and they’ll be able to let themselves in after school without you worrying about them losing the key in the school locker room. Use keyless digital door locks at work and if you need to release a staff member you can simply change the code to the lock and email all the other staff, rather than worrying that a disgruntled former employee might break in one day.

Digital locks remove that failure point and offer easier management for everyone. They’re versatile, simple and effective. Some models even have extra features such as touch screens (more reliable than raised buttons), and an app that lets you open the door remotely or get alerts when someone else operates the door. This gives you peace of mind even when you aren’t on the premises yourself.

We Sell Only The Best Locks

We take pride in offering only the best locks for your doors. We are a leading supplier of internal and external doors, doorknobs, locks and other accessories for the Malaysian marketplace. Our team has many years of experience supplying doors and related products to homeowners and commercial property owners all over Malaysia. We are always happy to help people and to offer advice about choosing the right locks. If you are worried about whether a lock will fit your door, or whether it has the features that you need, just give us a call. One of our team would be happy to offer you advice and work with you to find the perfect lock. Call us today to secure your property.