Wooden doors are often utilized in making door in every house, offices and other like structures. Plain wooden doors are one of these doors which you often seen in several houses.

Benefits of Plain Wooden Door

  • Affordable – Plain wood doors are affordable compared to other door types which are costly.
  • Enables you to make desired design – Though they are said to be plain, you can always make modifications and do what you want. You are free to make a design on it and let us, door supplier to carve it for you.
  • High in quality – the quality of a door can be measured through its durability. How long will a door can survive will high depends on what type of wood is utilized. Ensuring the durability is also ensuring the protection of the house or area.
  • Can be painted – aside from enabling you engrave the design you would like to put on your plain wooden door, you can also paint it if you like. This move can maintain and keep the wood protected from destructions. You can choose any colour that will be suitable for your taste.
  • Available in various stylish styles – If you can’t create your own design, our creative producers and designers will do the task for you. You will not regret trusting in our creativity because you will surely be provided by the several amazing styles. These plain wood doors are available in different designs that you will surely love.
  • Can be used in building a light sound resistant door. To ensure privacy, this type of door will surely be beneficial.

Types of Plain Wood Door

  • Sliding door
  • Swing door
  • Folding door


The plain wooden doors are very much suitable in providing divisions and security in your home, in offices and others. This can be applied on the following:

  • Kitchen / pantry door
  • Bedroom
  • Closet
  • Bathroom / toilet door
  • Storage area
  • Dining room
  • Home offices
  • Living room
  • Others

Choosing the suitable door for your home is vital because it serves as your main barrier against the intrusion of several bandits or bad persons. In order to maintain protection, get the most efficient and high quality doors in a trusted wooden door supplier.

Plain Wooden Door
Plain Wooden Door Brown Colour
Plain Wooden Door