A fire rated wooden door can withstand a fire for several minutes based from its fire rating, referring to the time length its wood material can hold combustion during a fire test. Our fire doors were checked and fire-graded, but do not be confused that a fire wood door would not be burned, only that it can keep up with fire within a few minutes, as rated by the authorities.

Features of a Fire-rated Wooden Door


Such a door type is measured on the units of time on the emphasis on holding up a fire long enough to let the residents of a building or home escape. Again, it does not mean that the components of the door will not catch fire, but it will hold on for a few minutes before it is burned.


A fire wood door is composed of a sturdy but elegant wood with fine edges and overall make. At Door Expert Malaysia, we do not compromise the style although we keep our standards high on our fire-rated doors.


We keep our designs consistent and displays new options in our showroom from time to time. We do not leave out depth and detail in style but customize it for better appeal. In our plant, we can also match the rail and stile dimensions with fire-rated doors, upon your request.

Fire Rated Door
Exit Door


We offer fire-rated doors to last from 20 to 90 minutes depending on your order and sell custom fire doors with varied thickness to match your needs. Our team can also work on a custom design feature of any doors already in our store. Just let us know about it by filling up our contact form or talking with one of our associates.