Antique Wooden Door Design

Let’s define what antique is before we delve into what an antique wooden door is. Firstly, an antique, be it an item or a collectible stuff, is valued for its considerable age. When it comes to main front door, you may have an idea now that this door is aged for many years and is considered a work of art by the majority.

If you love the old-fashioned way of sprucing up your home or property with timeless crafts, then you may want to install an antique door available in a wide variety of choices and styles to choose from at Door Expert Malaysia.


You can have an antique entryway for your kitchen, bedroom, leisure room or any specific home area as a conventional plain door, folding door or sliding door. The last two are chosen because when it comes to function, sliding and folding doors are far better than an ordinary one because each can save your space but can keep your decoration matching. Since an antique folding or sliding door can create an illusion of a bigger space, one is chosen by those living in condominiums, apartments or flats in Malaysia.

The Antique Advantage

We don’t have to emphasis this further, but an antique door is simply timeless! It can become an envy of your neighbours or guests because time has honed it to become more striking in appearance and more rugged in built.

Speaking of age, antique doors, which have been crafted decades ago, are more resistant to the weather, including rain or snow, elements, such as moisture and humidity and damage, including wearing or warping.

Great as a focal point, an antique door is enough to wow anyone entering your home! It creates a visual appeal like no other and increases your home’s value. Simply, a home can sell higher if an antique door is installed in it.

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Antique Door Design
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