Expert Guidelines in Installing a Door

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a) Take the door out from the packaging. Check if the door is secured by the shipping screws. If it is, unscrew them from the door and prepare it for installation. The same thing is the door is secured by braces.

b) Remove the current doorframe and door, but leave only a rough opening. Make sure that the subsill is equally leveled and that the rough opening is plumb.

c) Use a wooden shim or a beveled board if the floor level requires leveling. You may also need a spacer board for clearing any required thickness from the surface of the flooring.

d) Make sure that the rough opening has at least an inch of gap in width and an inch in height for allowance.

e) Be ready to do caulking along the subsill, and then extend the caulk layer at one inch on each side: front and back, where you will put the doorsill. You should be able to extend at least two inches at the top part of the rough framing.

a) Put the door into the opening, but be sure by starting at its bottom before pushing it into place. Begin tilting the door into place.

b) Put the door into the opening while shimming the doorframe at the rough opening’s bottom.

a) Shim the remaining of the doorframe after it has been installed.

b) Put the wooden shim of the door on its hinged side behind the hinge attachment point found in the doorframe.

c) Take note that your door will be attached to the rough opening permanently.

d) You should adjust the frame and shim until the doorjamb found on one its side is plumed in both sides and directions.

e) Do not forget to check if the gap is at 18 inches between the door’s edge and the doorjamb. Nail the new door with about 16 finishing nails through its hinge jamb found in the hinge location.

f) Don’t hammer the nails totally.

g) You can also install a shim behind the location of the lock strike.

h) Secure all the doorjambs with the use of about three-inch screws through the shims found at the location of the hinges found on the hinge jamb. You can continue it around the new door by securing all the other jambs using nails or screws secured through the shims to prevent altering or damaging the doorframe. Install the screws trough the shim found at the lock strike.

a) Insulate the doorframe using a low expansion foam or fiberglass.

b) Set up the interior trim by caulking the joints of the brick mold and trim.

c) Place the weather strip at the door’s base, as per the maker’s instructions.

Door Installation

How Long To Install a Door

The answer depends on the type of installation. If there’s an old door to be taken out prior to the installation, allow at most half an hour for the removal.

If a new installation and not a replacement are needed, an average is about two to four hours. Again, the time it will take depends on the type of door to install.

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