Why Choose a Grand Mahogany Front Door

Mahogany front doors are some of the grandest and most elegant options for your entryway. If you want to make a statement with your next renovation, then a mahogany door is a great choice.

This hardwood was popularized in the 18th century, when Sir Walter Raleigh commissioned a mahogany table for Queen Elizabeth I. The allure of this wood has grown sic then, and today it is sought after – in all of its colours, from the deep rich red/brown of the mature wood, to the paler salmon and pink that the wood shows when it is freshly cut.

Mahogany is a visually appealing wood with a fine texture, and a distinctive grain. Sometimes, the grain has irregularities which produce mottling or fiddlebacks, which add to the appeal of the wood. From a practical stand point, a mahogany front door is a good choice because it is highly resistant to rot, infestation and decay. It will weather well, and should not shrink or warp.

We are Malaysia’s leading supplier of mahogany front doors. The doors that we supply are verified to be made of ethically sourced mahogany, and they are ready to hang. We supply doors in standard sizes, and we may be able to help you if you need a custom, made to measure door for your home as well.

If you are interested in purchasing a mahogany front door from us, call our sales team today. We would be happy to supply you with a catalog so that you can have a look at your options. We have many years worth of experience in sourcing and supplying doors of all kinds, which means that we can offer you the best quality, at the most affordable prices that you will find in Malaysia.

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