Finding the Best Wood for Exterior Doors

Exterior doors need to be secure, sturdy, and resilient enough to withstand weather that can sometimes be harsh. We take pride in choosing manufacturers that use the best wood for exterior doors, and we have strict quality standards for all of our suppliers.

We work with both builders, trade customers and homeowners in Malaysia, and are proud to offer the best wood for exterior doors, regardless of the style of property you are shopping for. We have a large selection of doors to choose from, including hardwood and engineered products to suit period properties and modern homes alike.

Security and thermal performance are two practical considerations with exterior doors. We understand how important these things are, but also that you want doors that look as good as possible and that fit the rest of the design of the property as well. That’s why we have so many different designs to choose from – ones with clear or frosted glass, faux stained glass with piping, recessed panels or solid wood to suit whatever look of property you are going for.

We have many years of experience supplying both homeowners and property developers. We take pride in offering the best prices and the best designs and many of the doors we sell have decade-long guarantees on them, as well as spectacular thermal ratings.

Give us a call today to discuss your needs. One of our team would be happy to explain the different types of door that we sell, and help you to put together the perfect front and rear door package for your property. Take a look at the interior doors that we sell as well, for the perfect ‘put together’ professional and continuous look from room to room throughout your entire home. We’re confident you won’t find a better selection from any local retailer.

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