Why Choose Commercial Wood Door Manufacturers Over Independent/Individual Contractors

Homeowners and business owners alike ask us, “Why should I select commercial wood door manufacturers over individual contractors?”  Once and for all, we’ve compiled a series of reasons to help you decide better. Check out this post and find out why so:

Commercial Wood Door Manufacturers vs. Independent Contractors


With a commercial door maker, you are certain they have licenses and permits—a standard for all companies operating in Malaysia and the rest of the world. With that, you can be sure that you’re safe from bogus firms and people. On the other hand, an independent contractor whose business may not be up for a show in a specific location may not have his working license and permit to provide this type of product/service.


Customer satisfaction is given better attention by commercial wood door manufacturers because they care about their reputation. Remember: A door maker will not last for years without a solid background of experience and proof of satisfaction from customers. And since an individual contractor may be a “fly by night” service provider, why would he care of his brand at all when he could just transfer from one place to another if his reputation is tainted in one part of the community? Think of that.


It is everyone’s business to be informed of the correct pricing, and commercial wood door manufacturers are concerned of that because they have a competition to keep up with to last in the business. Because an independent contractor may not be updated of the latest pricing trends, be wary of overpriced wood door products and services.

Specific Address

Be aware that independent contractors may not reveal their permanent working address especially if they are trying to hide something from you unlike with commercial wood door manufacturers that usually have their website up online and have their site address published, too.

Well then, we hope that we shed some light about the issue on whether choosing a commercial wood door maker is better than going for an independent door maker. Based from what you’ve learned above, you are sure to make the right decision. At the end of the day, it all boils down to one: Reputation is what makes a commercial wood door factory the better choice over an independent contractor.